Meet the founder: Mugdha Hedaoo

Today we are sitting down with Mugdha Hedaoo, the founder of GoPlay Cosmetics to learn more about their story and brand.

Mugdha Hedaoo, Founder of GoPlay Cosmetics

Tell us about how the GoPlay Cosmetics story started? What was your inspiration?

I started GoPlay out of an absolute desire to simplify. An average woman owns over 40 different items of makeup and of these she is only using 5 on a regular basis. The cost of this in terms of personal finance, the environment and way of life cannot easily be told.

I am a self-confessed makeup fanatic. I once sized up my entire collection of makeup items and realised that almost 40% of my personal space was consumed by different makeup products. A worse realisation was that not all the makeup products would ever be used and most would be used only a few times before they needed to be discarded. A little more research into the topic led me to the epiphany that the global cosmetics industry is responsible for 16 Million acres of deforestation a year! Setting my mind to reducing the wastage problem in makeup I used my engineering training to come up with different solutions that could work. I finally zeroed in on creating the LIPSKIT, a revolutionary product that creates any lipstick colour a user wants, in a matter of seconds.

We at GoPlay know that most colour cosmetics products in the market are not very different from each other and strongly believe that giving a woman the possibility to personalise her own colour would partly solve the need for women to buy and accumulate makeup over time.

The GoPlay Cosmetics LIPSKIT's box

What is unique about the GoPlay Cosmetics brand?

The GoPlay approach is to provide a user with the tools and information to create their own product, and then encourage them to play with it to understand what they really want. This mix of “Do it yourself” and “personalisation” has not been tried before.

What are GoPlay Cosmetics's values, and how do they resonate with your customers?

The one value that is central to our company is ‘Personalisation”. We believe that every person on this planet is unique and should not have to conform to over the counter mass produced goods to express oneself. We are here to bring the tools and services that anyone can use to find their true colours and show them to the world. We are also passionate about building sustainable products with reusable components.

What is your vision for GoPlay Cosmetics for the next 5 years?

Over the next 5 years we know that GoPlay will exist in every colour cosmetics category and have a customer base of over 1 million users worldwide.

Check out GoPlay Cosmetics

We hope you enjoyed the story of GoPlay Cosmetics. Do not forget to check out their website for more information and the latest products: (and remember that if you are a Casa Mia Coliving member you have a $5 voucher and free delivery in Singapore with the code -- in the member's group).


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