We are very excited about this home for the following reasons:

  1. When the COVID-19 situation got more serious in March, we paused our expansion (Casa Mia Casa Tua Straits Mansions was the last home launched just before Singapore"s “circuit breaker”). Casa Mia Casa Tua Langston Ville is the first new home since then.
  2. This is the first time we collaborate with a landlord for a very extensive renovation in order to optimize the home for coliving. This home now has a brand new modern kitchen, wardrobes, and vanities in the bathrooms… as well as our usual green accent walls.
  3. This is our latest addition to in Robertson Quay and River Valley, one of our favorite neighbourhoods, and is just steps away from our first home here Casa Mia Casa Tua The Inspira.

We have completed the renovation works and we are now ready to rent out and manage this home for our landlord and our members.

Renovation works

The before-and-after pictures of the renovation works give a pretty good idea of the amount of work that went into this new home. Every corner of the house was changed, even the yard (which now has a curtain shielding it from the rain and making it more useful). The kitchen was redone, all the walls were freshened up, the bedrooms got new custom wardrobes to maximise the space available, the smaller bedrooms also got custom desks. Finally, new stylish furniture completes the update, making this home ready for three new members to move in.

The living area has new modern lights, furniture with clean lines, and tasteful decorations (with our usual Singapore theme):

Casa Mia Casa Tua Langston Ville before/after - Living room

The kitchen has brand new cabins and a dishwasher to make communal life easier!

Casa Mia Casa Tua Langston Ville before/after - Kitchen

The master bedroom and its bathroom needed proper wardrobes, night curtains, and a vanity. A large desk and a bookshelf make it easier and more convenient for members to work from home.

Casa Mia Casa Tua Langston Ville before/after - Master bedroom

Casa Mia Casa Tua Langston Ville before/after - Master bathroom

Finally, the common room received new stylish furniture and paintings, its own custom desk to maximise the space available (and a wardrobe, even though it’s not visible in this photo here).

Casa Mia Casa Tua Langston Ville before/after - Standard bedroom

You can take a look at the final result all together here.

The price tag for this renovation? Ask us, you would be surprised!

Property Management

Casa Mia Casa Tua managed the entire renovation process, end-to-end for the landlord--from selecting the renovation works that would give the most impact, to advising on the style, from selecting the right vendors for each part of the works, to finding and ordering the furniture. 

Now that the home is ready, Casa Mia Casa Tua will manage the marketing and renting of the property, cleaning it weekly to make sure that the renovation works and the furniture are well preserved. In addition, Casa Mia Casa Tua will manage the ongoing maintenance. The landlord will receive a monthly report with the revenue being generated by the home, as well as a list of maintenance issues that were raised (and resolved) in the home. 

If you would like to learn more about Casa Mia Casa Tua property management services, check out our Landlord page.

Renovation works
Property Management

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