Barbary Coast

I know I go on about Don Ho but there hasn’t been a place like it since they shut down last year! What has been quite vibey in the last couple of weeks has been this eclectic venue down by Boat Quay. Barbary Coast, specifically Ballroom by Barbary Coast, cranks up the groovy tunes around 11:30 pm. Drop by this place for a drink or two before it gets lively, you won’t regret it!  (P.S if you’re lucky enough you can try their complimentary shots! They change them up every so often and they’re really quite tasty :P) Drinks list can be found here!

Tippling Club

Expect the unexpected! Tippling Club has some of the most creative cocktails out there. This high-concept dining (and drinking) venue is for those that are looking for something special. Over the years Tippling Club has become known for its use of modern culinary techniques. Not only are they used in their exquisite tasting menu (which you should definitely try too) but these techniques are also used to create drinks, that you’ll have never imagined before. Currently, their drinks are inspired by “one of the greatest international languages of all time - music. A journey through the ages dating all the way back to the timeless 1940s to the nostalgic 1990s, this menu celebrates some of the greatest musicians of all times.” Check out their drinks menu here!

Employees Only

A great spot for after-work drinks and if you’re up for a bit more of a wild night also great on the weekends! Employees Only (can be found in New York and LA too) has some of the best bartenders in Singapore. Let them mix you up your favourite cocktail, or a concoction of their own, that is if you manage to push through the crowds standing at the bar! (Some nights can get wild, dancing on the tabletops is to be expected). Drinks menu can be found here!


If you are looking for a more intimate and sophisticated spot, Livetwice is the one for you! Brought to you by the team behind Jigger and Pony, the elegant interiors of this bar take you right back to mid-century Japan. You can expect a late 60’s ambiance, moody lighting, and warm wood furnishing. Do note, this venue is intimate (aka quite small) so make sure you book the place well in advance. Drinks menu can be found here!


Helmed by having some of the best music and interiors to support great acoustics, this music-centric bar is great for like-minded souls to discover and celebrate creativity and new sounds. Offtrack, a bar brought to you by the brains behind Ice Cream Sundays (check out their events!), and Darker Than Wax is a great bar for all you music lovers out there. The acoustics in this place are like no other, the warm wood paneling next to the iconic Klipsch speakers (the ones used for the legendary Loft parties in New York) and exposed steel beams make for a listening experience that is rare in Singapore! Drinks menu can be found here.


Mandala Club is a private members club that also hosts the odd event here and there. If you’re a member you’ll know that Fridays and Saturdays Mandala can be the place to be. If any of your friends are members here, ask them to bring you along. Why not head to level two for a dinner at Popi’s (they do fantastic vodka rigatoni) and groove the night away a level above at The Straits Parlour? You can expect some old-school RnB classics to be played on level three. The venue closes just shy of midnight so you can either choose to head elsewhere or end the night there! Mandala has also been known to host some pretty cool events in the past. Most recently Manifest DJs as well as DJ PeeWee can be found spinning records here. Check out their Instagram for some of their upcoming events!

My Awesome Cafe

Housed in the old shophouse that used to be Chung Hwa Free Clinic is 'My Awesome Cafe'. A distinctively vintage looking venue, with beautiful and colourful Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags strung across the entrance. This place doesn't only serve great brunch, lunch, and dinner but is also an 'awesome' spot for after-work drinks! With drinks (ciders, G&Ts and fancy cocktails) ranging from $12-$17, this is a great spot if you're trying to keep it cheap and cheerful.

Florentine Ameli Warnholtz

Hi, I’m Flo, the Marketing Comms and Event manager at Casa Mia Coliving. Apart from organising the best events and making sure our social media is following the latest trends, I enjoy cooking, hiking, beach-ing and skiing (still waiting for a ski dome in Singapore). 

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