Casa Mia Coliving's Membership

Everything you need to move in and start enjoying your new place.

Communal experience

Casa Mia Coliving all-inclusive membership starts from $950/month, and comes with everything you need to move in and start enjoying your new place. Experiences included.

An all-inclusive service, a private bedroom, great roommates, and an online community that goes beyond your apartment.

A few Casa Mia members at the memory wall at Casa Mia Oxley 2

All-inclusive for Members

Private Bedroom

Master bedrooms, regular bedrooms, and more. Your choice!


Move in with the pantry and personal care basics already in your cupboards. We got you covered.

Wifi & Utilities

Fast wifi connection ready for you to work and play.


All our apartments come with free on-site laundry and with convenient laundry pickup.

Fully Furnished

No more trips to Ikea. All spaces are furnished with contemporary and practical pieces that meet the demands of your modern lifestyle.

Weekly Cleaning

Professional weekly cleaning of your space and communal space, on us.


Support ready to assist you with anything, from broken bulbs to washer breakdowns.


From three-month leases on. There are already too many commitments in life!

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Enjoy your Community

Look forward to meeting like-minded professionals from different backgrounds, network, make new friends. This is now your community.

Ready to find your new home?