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The Members of Casa Mia

We pride ourselves in having an amazing, fun community full of young professionals in the 20's and early 30's. Get to know some of them here - learn about why they came to Singapore, what they love doing in their free time (and maybe you'll also get to see a party trick or two)!

Meet our Members

Meet Holly and Lucy!

Two friends turned members, meet Holly and Lucy! After having studied in China and Hong Kong the two of them couldn't wait to come back out to Asia. Lucy, who managed to get stranded in China during Covid-19, has been a Casa Mia member since May 2022. Having roped in Holly (referral discounts are great), the two of them have been thriving in River Valley and together with the rest of their housemates they've been thoroughly enjoying their time in Singapore and Casa Mia!

Ara & Chirag On How They Met!

A part-time DJ and rock-climber walk into a bar...hear more from Ara & Chirag and how they met at the Casa Mia BBQ! Ara joined Casa Mia two years ago with the intention of moving into her own space after a few months, guess where she still is... same location, same home, we call that a loyal member :P Also... a classic magic trick for a party trick. Chirag, teach us your ways.

The Orchard Gang

Get to know Dhruv, Jovita and Andy (two loyal OG members) and what they love about Singapore. They'll share a little bit about what they get up to in their free time; brunch on the weekends, rockclimbing and skateboarding just to name a few. They'll also tell you why Casa Mia has been great - obviously non-scripted video ;)

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