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New restaurant alert! Singapore has been graced with a new Middle-Eastern restaurant along Battery Road. Brought to you by Foragers Group (same team behind Miznon & North Miznon), Israeli celebrity chef Meir Adoni takes you along for an experience in the beautiful hidden gem along Singapore River. Be prepared to not only be stunned and tantalised by the tasty food but also by the elegant and unique decor. Check it our here!


Appetite isn’t ‘just’ a restaurant. Appetite is a lot more unique than that. “We bring together an R&D kitchen, record bar, art gallery, and events venue to create a new kind of community across boundaries.” Helmed by chef/owner of Nouri (Michelin-star fine dining restaurant), Appetite is the place you want to book if you are after something a little more impressive. Check it our here! (We think it speaks for itself...)


If you are looking for a brunch spot that isn’t Plain Vanilla or Sarnies (nothing against both, they are one of our favorites) why don’t you try Artichoke? This Turkish inspired New School Kebab and Mezze Bar is the perfect place to feast away a hangover or simply catch up with old friends. Expect fun and creative foods such as “Lambgasm, Jewelled Hummus, or the re-imagined date pudding if you’ve got a sweet tooth”. You can find more foods here; Artichoke Menu! FYI, this is a hot contender amongst many so make sure you get your table booking in well ahead of time! 

Bincho at Hua Bee

A Tiong Bahru gem; Bincho at Hua Bee! Having recently undergone a little facelift to better conceptualize both vintage and modern Japanese industrial elements, this is the perfect spot if you are looking for something cool off the beaten track. Bincho - referring to the Japanese white charcoal, offers a wide range of yakitori skewers cooked to perfection. They also serve amazing cocktails to go along with that. You can check out their snazzy website here! (P.S - they do Sunday specials, beers, and highballs for $10 and fancy cocktails for $18)

Club Street Wine Room

Singapore has recently been graced by a number of groovy neighbourhood-feel wine bars (some more luxe than the others). There have been a few popping up around town (read on for Col and Le Bon Funk) and we are certainly not complaining. Michelin-starred chef Andrew Walsh has been one of the few maestros to do so. He brings you the gorgeous Club Street Wine Room! Expect, small plates, big flavours and swanky wine curations. Check it our here!


Oh, the good old days when Don Ho used to be the place to be on a Saturday night. Col has now taken over the spot on Keong Saik Road and it honestly does not disappoint. Brought to you by 1880’s famed Colin Buchan, Col serves reimagined classics and bold new flavours in a space “modelled after neighbourhood restaurants in East London”. Who doesn’t love that? Although you may not be dancing to groovy tunes, in an (overly) hot & sweaty tropical venue, Col brings trendy London vibes to the heart of Keong Saik, which we cannot complain about. Check out their menu here!


Lucali, Corduroy Palace and now Etta; GB is back with another eclectic venue. Taking on the penthouse floor of the infamous, industrial building that is also home to Lucali BYGB, Etta is a hidden gem that “celebrates good taste of the palate and interior design that honours one powerhouse of a woman.” Inspired by Baydouns grandmother, Ruth Etta Collins, this part lounge, event space, music venue, and retail & design incubator brings what Singapore is so greatly lacking “a full hospitality package of a good meal in a good space, customised to the occasion and crowd of choice.” Venue for some of the coolest events fashion and lifestyle events in Singapore, keep an eye out for this one! (Invite-only venue)

Read more about it here: Tatler Asia - Gibran Baydoun on Etta, the Restaurateur’s Most Personal Venture Yet

(Speaks for itself...)

Firangi Superstar

Firangi Superstar dishes up beautiful modern Indian dishes, with nods to other many other cuisines around the world. If you are looking to embark on a tantalising adventure we highly recommend this place. From tasty waffle Prata, crispy fried chicken, and a drizzle of butter chicken sauce to ‘Indian Saddle’ (tandoor-cooked lamb porterhouse on a bed of Indian-inspired chermoula pairs and ghee-infused basmati rice) to a lovely mango mousse cake to end the night. This is one for the books! Read more about their delicious menu here: Timeout Singapore - Firangi Superstar

Le Bon Funk

Another wine bar! Located at the start of Club Street, Le Bon Funk is casual-chic and modern venue run by Lo&Behold (so you can only expect the finest experience). Not only is their wine list interesting, their food is just as special! Some of our favourites include the Stuffed Zucchini Flower, Burrata and Pumpkin Seed Gremolata, Beef Tongue and Gribiche Sandwich and the Parmesan and Tapioca Fritters. (FYI, menu changes by season) Check out the sample menu here!

Little Elephant

Little Elephant isn’t necessarily ‘trendy’ but it has been a top contender in Tiong Bahru for a while now. The simple but cute little restaurant serves great Thai food and the chilled-out neighbourhood feel and atmosphere is almost unbeatable. Some of our favourites are the Tom Yum Soup, Papaya Salad, Basil Chicken (Impossible Meatless version of this too), Pork Neck, Red Curry (and the Sticky Mango Pudding to end off). You can find the menu here!

Ms. Maria and Mr. Singh

Brought to you by none other than Gaggan Anand (whose residency at Mandala Club sadly ended last June) Ms. Maria and Mr. Singh is an ode to the fictional love story of a Mexican girl and an Indian boy. Expect an exquisite menu in a hideaway that encompasses both Mexican and Indian heritage in its funky decor. (Top tip: Looking for something fancy to order? Their Mango Yuzu Snowball isn’t only a dish for the gram but also a winning dish on MasterChef Singapore, so it holds a certain celebrity status). Check it our here!

North Miznon & Miznon

North Miznon has been around since the end of 2021 but is still a super trendy spot right in the heart of Telok Ayer. Serving a daily rotating menu of Israeli food, a wide range of dishes and flavors awaits you. If you are planning on going on Fridays or on weekends, expect a little surprise (it won’t disappoint). Keen to grab a quick takeaway or looking for Israeli food that is a little less bougie than North Miznon? Try their sister-outlet Miznon located just a few streets away! Check out North Miznon here and Miznon here!

Osteria BBR

Another chic restaurant you should definitely put on your 'Restaurants To Try' notes. Osteria BBR not only has amazing interior design but also serves great (expensive) Italian food. Located within Raffles Hotel the venue speaks for itself. If you are planning a romantic date night why not stop by Raffles Courtyard first before visiting Osteria BBR! Check out the Courtyard here and Osteria BBR here!

Um Yong Baek

Keen on some Korean grub? Branch out! We know places like bibimbap are great (and we’ve featured them in our Tanjong Pagar Guide) but have you tried Um Yong Baek? Famous for its Korean pork and soup rice, the Korean restaurant along Tanjong Pagar Road is a popular lunch spot. Although it may not have reached peak fame in Singapore, the restaurant has hit celebrity status in Korea having featured in TV shows and media publications. Note that they only serve 80 bowls of their pork soup rice daily. Do with that information what you like! 

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