A lot has happened. Singapore shut down and we were left wondering whether we could survive without new young professional expats coming in, whether there was demand for coliving, whether our focus on young professionals was right, whether we could make it without a strong real estate partner backing us... Turns out we could do all of this, and not only survive, but even thrive. 

Four Years of Great Achievements

In these four years, we have achieved a lot and we are proud of where we are. Here are our top 10 achievements:

  1. We grew the business to $7M in annualised revenue and almost 400 rooms
  2. We attained a compound annual growth rate of 100% (2023 is the fourth time in a row that we do it) 
  3. We kept a high occupancy rate (of 91% of average through COVID-19 and 93% now) 
  4. We received amazing customer feedback – the latest semi-annual customer survey puts our NPS at 35% and our Google Reviews are 4.6 (and the only people unhappy seem to be those who cannot get a room with us)
  5. We maintained a high referral rate, with 1 in 9 new members coming from members' referrals
  6. We became a real home for our members, not just a temporary accommodation, with a long average stay of over 14 months and a highly engaged community of members -- have you seen this video, of our members (no actors here)? 
  7. We did all of these profitably…
  8. …which means we needed to raise "only" little money (USD 1.9M in total to-date)
  9. We recruited an amazing team of 15 people
  10. Finally, we built our own proprietary, AI-capable (check out our new friend, Casa Mia’s Butler, in this video here), software platform to manage all coliving operations end-to-end

However, the most important result, the one we are most proud of, is that we have been able to live up to our Easy Living mission. We made it easy for over 500 young professionals to move to Singapore. Here are, in the words of some of our members, their stories:

Check out this page to get to know the Casa Mia members better: https://www.casamia.co/page/our-members

Coming Up: More Achievements

We will continue on our mission to make it easy for young people to move to a new city. The fifth year will bring us to a new city too, not just our members ;)

Eugenio Ferrante
Eugenio Ferrante

I am Eugenio, co-founder at Casa Mia Coliving and a "serial expat" (I lived in Milan, St. Louis, New Delhi, Toronto, Chicago, Seattle and Singapore). When I am not busy with our members and prospective members, you can find me running around the Singapore Botanical Garden, sometime alone, sometime with my two sons.