Casa Mia x Rently

Convenience of Coliving

Moving to a new city isn’t always easy and often involves a number of upfront costs (to find out more about spending in Singapore, check out our blog here). Coliving aims to take away the stress of finding new accommodation. Instead of having to find an apartment that ticks all the boxes, furnish the space and potentially commit to a contract that you don’t feel comfortable with, you can find a fully furnished room and sign contracts that have flexible lease length. You can find out more about coliving here


One of the upfront costs that you will have to plan for are deposits. Whether you are renting an apartment for 3 months or 2 years - you will always need to pay a deposit. Depending on the rent and lease length this can be a hefty sum and can be a deciding factor, especially for young professionals that are moving abroad for the first time. Therefore, we have decided to partner with Rently - a partnership that is about to make our members coliving journey even more convenient and flexible. So, how does it work?

Deposit-free Renting - Say Hello to Rently!

Like any other membership, the Rently subscription is paid on a monthly basis. Rates are customised from operator to operator. Once you've started your booking process with Casa Mia our sales team will inform you of the customised rates. The subscription fee covers your security deposit so you can fund all other areas of your life and lets them handle any disputes that may arise - which hopefully won't be the case ;)

You can find out tons more about Rently by checking out their FAQs, here!

Join us for a hassle-free and convenient stay, today!

Are you keen to book a viewing today? Take a look at some of our available rooms here and fill out a form. Our sales team will get back to you and handle everything from there! Looking forward to welcoming you to our community soon 🙂

Florentine Ameli Warnholtz

Hi, I’m Flo, the Marketing Comms and Event manager at Casa Mia Coliving. Apart from organising the best events and making sure our social media is following the latest trends, I enjoy cooking, hiking, beach-ing and skiing (still waiting for a ski dome in Singapore). 

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