A bridge on the Singapore river in Robertson Quay

Why Robertson Quay and River Valley

Robertson Quay and River Valley are always at the top of the list of places where expats want to live in Singapore. So, what exactly makes this neighborhood so desirable and why may you want to live in River Valley?

The riverside walk in Robertson Quay

There are ten good reasons:

  1. Cafes, restaurants, and bars for all tastes. Hundreds of them, to chill out after work, to take a break from an intense day working from home, or to enjoy some people watching on the riverside. If you do not know where to start, see this post about our favorite places in Robertson Quay and River Valley.
  2. It is conveniently centrally located, with easy access to the CBD, the Orchard shopping district, ...It doesn’t have an MRT stop right in the middle of it(but there are stations around the area, with Somerset to the north, Fort Canning and Clarke Quay to the east, and Great World to the west). There are also a ton of bus stops along the way incase you don't fancy the walk!
  3. It is very walkable, not just on the Singapore riverfront, but also in general it’s an easy and pleasant area of the city with a lot to offer in a non-densely packed manner. In terms of aesthetics, the area is not occupied by block after block of condos. Mohamed Sultan road offers many charming shops and eating places in a row, as do parts of Martin Road and River Valley Road. Around RiverWalk and Great World City there are also plenty of great walking areas.
  4. It’s more affordable than the CBD and provides better value than anywhere else. Compared to the CBD, Robertson Quay and River Valley are priced lower, have more choice, and rooms are generally more spacious. Factor in the short distance to everywhere and you can see that this area provides the best value for money in Singapore.
  5. It’s diverse. Residents in the area come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The diversity of nationalities is in turn nourished by the mix of cuisines and options available.
  6. There are many options in terms of types of accommodations, from modern condos, older and spacious walk-up apartments, shophouses in the Mohamed Sultan Road area, and even HDBs just across the Singapore river. 
  7. There are modern condos with great pools, gym and other amenities, giving you a feeling of living full time in a resort. Some examples of such condos are The Morningside (with its stand-alone sport complex with basketball court, tennis courts, squash court, gym and swimming pool), The Regalia, Oleanas Residences and UE Square Residences.
  8. Great spot for exercising, whether you enjoy running, cycling or frequent gyms River Valley offers it all. The River is great for an early sunrise run and with more and more gyms opening up it is also great if you want a professional gym within walking distance. For example, Revl, Platinum Fitness and KX Pilates are all within a 5-10 minute walk!
  9. Nature is a stone’s throw away. Fort Canning Park is a few minutes away from the river and is great for a stroll, a run, a play of frisbee, or a picnic. The park also offers live entertainment such as concerts or open-air theatre plays!
  10. Finally, the Singapore river it’s great for keeping up with your 10k daily step goal. You can jog or bike all the way to the end of the river, to Marina Bay, continue to the Barrage, and even go across and connect to the East Coast Park (if you are training for a Marathon, that is…)

Cafes, restaurants, and bard in Robertson Quay, Singapore

Our rooms in Robertson Quay and River Valley

It’s been almost four years since we launched our first home in Robertson Quay. We've come a long way! Now we offer a variety of 3-, 4-, and 5-bedroom coliving apartments across the neighbourhood, with over 100 rooms across 20 locations, for all tastes and budgets (starting from $1,000/month and all the way up to $2,500/month). Yep, more locations than any other coliving company in Singapore.

What Casa Mia Coliving looked like in 2021

Casa Mia Coliving website with the listings in Robertson Quay and River Valley

What Casa Mia Coliving looks like now!

River Valley Homes Page Layout 2024

Here are Casa Mia Colivings' twenty locations in Robertson Quay and River Valley:

  1. Dublin
  2. Emerald Park
  3. Emerald Park 2
  4. Emerald Park 3
  5. Hoot Kiam
  6. La Crystal
  7. La Crystal 2
  8. Langston Ville
  9. Lloyd Mansions
  10. Oleanas Residences
  11. Oleanas Residences 2
  12. Oxley Mansion
  13. Regency Lodge
  14. Riva Lodge
  15. River Valley Apartments
  16. St. Thomas Ville
  17. The Regalia 2
  18. The Regalia 3
  19. UE Square Residences
  20. UE Square Residences 2
  21. Valley Mansion
  22. Valley Mansion 2
  23. Ville Royale
  24. Waterford Residences

Interested in some of our other locations? Check out “Your room in a coliving apartment in Orchard” here or Casa Mia’s complete guide to coliving in Singapore.

Eugenio Ferrante
Eugenio Ferrante

I am Eugenio, co-founder at Casa Mia Coliving and a "serial expat" (I lived in Milan, St. Louis, New Delhi, Toronto, Chicago, Seattle and Singapore). When I am not busy with our members and prospective members, you can find me running around the Singapore Botanical Garden, sometime alone, sometime with my two sons.

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