What is coliving?

The concept of sharing has become widely accepted (trendy even!), be it your workspace or taxi. So why not your accommodation? Think of the enjoyment of living with like-minded people, still having your own spacious private bedroom, and on top of this, joining exciting events that bring the community closer together. 

Coliving is a modern upgrade of community living, allowing you to live in a fully furnished home (no need to rush out to buy towels or bed sheets), as well as to enjoy all-inclusive amenities such as cleaning services and utilities. With various attractive benefits such as flexibility and affordability, the concept has become extremely popular amongst a range of individuals, from students, fresh graduates, digital nomads to expats relocating.

What are the coliving operators in Singapore?

Singapore caught onto the coliving trend a few years ago and has a number of coliving operators. 

Casa Mia Coliving

With a mix of 30 nationalities, most of which (95%!)  are in their 20s, Casa Mia offers a fresh, unique, and multicultural living experience for everyone. Casa Mia focuses their accommodation on central areas with a wide variety of rooms in central areas such as River Valley and Robertson Quay, Tiong Bahru, and Orchard.


With accommodations in 13 different locations and over 400 homes, Cove is one of the largest coliving operators, providing various types of rooms starting from $800/month across Singapore.


Offering an interactive survey, Dash selects the best suited homes for you depending on your move-in date, preferred locations, and budget.


Figment offers a range of unique and trendy shophouses located in central areas with prices ranging from $2,400 to $3,200/month


Offering rooms in three major Asian cities, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, Hmlet has an extensive range of rooms and apartments with various different prices, starting from $1,000 to $7,500/month.

The Assembly Place

The Assembly Place (TAP) offers an extensive range of rooms across Singapore's more eastern areas such as Jalan Basar, Geylang andKovan. Their prices vary and can start between $1,200 to $3,200 / month.

Is coliving for me?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Moving to a big city that is known for expensive rent?
  • Do you want to enjoy your own company and also connect to a community of like-minded and amicable individuals?
  • Want a convenient and flexible experience?

If you answer "yes" to one or more of these questions, then coliving is for you. But we know it's a big decision, so let's dive into the essence of it:

1. Affordability

There is no reason you should have to choose between rental price and location. Most of Singapore's central locations, such as the CBD or Tanjong Pagar, will be more expensive than the outskirts. However, living further from the central areas might not be the most convenient for you. Coliving provides the perfect solution. Live in a great central location at a much more affordable price. 

2. Community

Moving to a new city is so exciting but can also be daunting. Especially if you are in your 20s, you may have your established group of friends already, so making new ones can be a bit scary. Don't worry, I’ve been there before, stepping out of your comfort zone can be difficult, but coliving makes it easy. Meet people from different backgrounds and that work in different industries, right in the comfort of your own home! With various events organised, we make it easy for you to meet new people and expand your circle! We have dedicated a blog to all of the events and community-building activities that we hold at Casa Mia Coliving, have a read of it here! Otherwise, you can always check out our Facebook and Instagram to see what we’ve been up to!


3. Convenience & Flexibility 

Coliving also offers other aspects that a standard rental will not; convenience and flexibility! Only need an apartment for 3 months? We’ve got you covered. Weekly cleaning? We’ve got you covered there too. Want to try a different apartment or location? Check. Moving in but haven't bought the essentials? We've got it all taken care of. 

Our homes come equipped with kitchen utensils, beddings, and towels, we offer free laundry services (not all operators offer free private bedroom cleaning), and wifi and utilities are covered too! Check out what is covered in our monthly rent here.

4. Selecting the right operator

Now you know the benefits of coliving, it's time for you to decide which operator suits you best. Below is a breakdown of which operators cater to which needs. 

Casa Mia Coliving - Perfect if you're in your 20s, boasting a diverse, welcoming community.

Cove - Not that picky? Cove caters to a variety of people, check them out!

Dash - Not too fussed on centrality? Dash offers a range of accommodations in various locations.

Figment - Looking for a unique and exotic accommodation and have a higher budget? Have a look at Figment.

Hmlet - For those just a bit older! Hmlet is perfect for people in their 30s.

The Assembly Place - Are you looking for a unique home in a shophouse or heritage building? Check out TAP.

Did we miss anything?

If you still have any questions just give us a shout and we will get back to you as soon as possible or check out our recent blog on whether coliving is for you!

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